What is Consent Education and why is it important?

Consent Education was founded out of a growing awareness in the Australian community that more can, and needs to be done, to educate youth on what consent is and how important it is to treat each other in a way that acknowledges the inherent dignity of every individual.

Whilst sexual violence impacts all genders and sexualities, it is estimated that 1 in 5 Australian women have experienced sexual violence with 97% of offenders recorded by police being male. Alarmingly, males aged 15-19 have the highest rate of offending.

These statistics will not change without positive conversation within our local and national communities.

Consent Education seeks to be part of, and help to facilitate, this conversation that is so urgently needed.

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Who are we?

Caitlin Humphrys BCouns, founder of Consent Education, is an accredited professional counsellor with experience working in suicide prevention, as well as the alcohol and other drugs field. Prior to counselling, Caitlin spent 17 years working with teenagers, predominantly in personal and leadership development within secondary schools.

She is passionate about equipping young people with the knowledge that they need to make healthy life choices that uphold their own dignity and the dignity of others.