Consent Education aims to bring clarity and understanding to youth on the concept of consent. Our seminars provide an opportunity for students to grow in their understanding and confidence of healthy relationships through interactive, age-appropriate sessions for year levels 6 to 12.


Consent Education seminars aim to bring clarity and understanding to young people on the following topics:

What is consent?

The laws that affect youth in this domain

Effective communication in relationships

Technology use in relation to consent

The impact of privilege

The effect of drugs and alcohol on consent

Consent Education works with single-sex and co-educational schools.

Our standard seminars are:

  • 120 minutes for years 11-12
  • 90 minutes for years 9-10
  • 60 minutes for years 7-8
  • 45 minutes for year 6

Consent Education seminars can always be tailored to meet the needs of each individual community.


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